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There are no hidden fees for your child’s attendance at Tots Teachers Preschool if they are eligible for any of the government funding schemes, however, should we arrange an optional visit outside the preschool, such as to a zoo or beach, we will notify you in advance of the extra costs – we will not make any profit from these trips and will share the costs equally amongst all parents. We will also provide the option of paying weekly towards such trips. 

For fee-paying families, all fees are payable one week in advance. We operate a strict no pay, no play policy. Your child will not be permitted to attend until all outstanding fees are paid. Payment can be made on the day, prior to the session by arrangement. A charge of £10 per day will be applied to your account for late payments. 

Your fees are:

3 - 4 years old £22.50 per session

2 years old £25.50 per session

Bank details for Tots Teachers Preschool, TotsTeachers Ltd 

Natwest Bank Account Number: 78715202 Sort Code: 51 70 14 

Payment Form

If your child is under 3, each session will cost £21

If your child is 3-4, each session will cost £18


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